Catalog of Existing Pennsylvania Government Services for Pregnant and Parenting Women

Executive Summary

Pennsylvania offers a wide range of services to pregnant and parenting women. Listed below is each area of need with the corresponding services. It should be noted that in Pennsylvania, COMPASS is touted as a “one-stop shop” to access a wide array of services. Utah has an even more advanced version of a simple-access method with their “One Door” policy (more on that here). Finally, Mississippi’s Attorney General’s Empowerment Project is a good model for communicating the changes being made on behalf of pregnant and parenting women.

Note that this list only includes government programs. Pregnancy care centers can be great resources and help connect individuals with more local and nonprofit resources. 



  • Healthy Beginnings Plus is Pennsylvania’s effort to assist low-income, pregnant women who are eligible for Medical Assistance (MA) in having a positive prenatal care experience. Healthy Beginnings Plus (HBP) expands maternity services that can be reimbursed by the MA Program.
  • CHIP kicks in for those who may be above the income limit for MA. You can apply for CHIP through COMPASS. 


  • Child Care Works (Subsidized Childcare Program). The subsidized childcare program helps low-income families pay their childcare fees. The state and federal governments fund this program, which is managed by the Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC) office located in each county. You can apply through COMPASS.


  • Head Start (ages 3-5) including ‘Early Head Start’ (younger than 3).


  • SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). You can apply through COMPASS.
  • WIC, links here and here.


  • COMPASS offers help with cash assistance and more for pregnant women.


  • DHS housing services offer help in accessing and securing safe housing for those with low incomes or who are facing or experiencing homelessness.
  • Pennsylvania Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This program was established to help consumers meet their home heating needs. Through this program, grants are provided to individuals and families who meet certain eligibility requirements. These grants are paid directly to the heating supplier and are available for renters and homeowners. 


Safe Haven


  • COMPASS offers help with cash assistance for pregnant women.
  • DHS cash assistance services, including TANF.


Localized Resources 




Directory of local pregnancy care centers from CareNet and Heartbeat International

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