(HARRISBURG, PA) One of the first actions from the Shapiro administration after the Thanksgiving holiday was to once again attack the life-affirming work of pregnancy resource centers in Pennsylvania, using tax dollars to set up an online complaint form specifically targeting these valuable centers offering pregnancy help resources.

On Black Friday, Attorney General Michelle Henry announced a new online form specifically recruiting anonymous complaints against pregnancy centers in PA. “This Form is provided for the general public and pregnant persons to report misleading and deceptive conduct by Crisis Pregnancy Centers,” describes the PA Attorney General’s website.

“Gov. Shapiro continues to prioritize the profits of Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry over the well-being of Pennsylvania citizens,” states Dan Bartkowiak with PA Family Institute. “Why not have a complaint site described for any entity in the space of reproductive health? Instead, this site specifically targets the great life-affirming work of pregnancy help centers, and is in lock-step with the abortion industry’s agenda to permanently shut down these vital centers.”

The Shapiro administration’s website gives examples of possible complaints, in an attempt to solicit or encourage submissions.

Gov. Shapiro has already gone after pregnancy centers by acting unilaterally to remove funding to Pennsylvania’s Alternatives to Abortion state program administered through Real Alternatives.

Meanwhile, here in PA, Planned Parenthood — the largest abortion business in the Commonwealth that profits from half of all annual abortions in the state — has previously been caught publicly deceiving women. Not only did Planned Parenthood admittedly know about some of the horrors committed by abortionist Kermit Gosnell and chose to take no immediate action to stop him, but they previously advertised prenatal care services when not one Planned Parenthood in PA offered such service. It was only when PA Family Institute called them out for this deception that it was removed from their online list of services.

Planned Parenthood has repeatedly shared their goal in Pennsylvania is to see vital pregnancy centers completely shut down.

“Planned Parenthood has been caught deceiving women, and they regularly fail health inspections. To see our state government set up a complaint form just for pregnancy centers and not abortion facilities as well is politics at its worst form,” added Bartkowiak.