Today, in the PA House of Representatives, an amendment was filed to a marijuana reform bill that would subject Pennsylvania citizens to marijuana legalization for recreational use. There is also a House Health Subcommittee hearing on Wednesday regarding marijuana legalization.

On Wednesday, November 1st, several state lawmakers and community leaders will hold a press conference from Harrisburg to voice concerns with any legislative push by Pennsylvania officials to legalize marijuana for non-medical use (recreational).

WHO: Participants in this press conference include:

  • PA State Rep Kathy Rapp, House Health Minority Chair
  • PA State Rep Paul Schemel, House Health Subcommittee Minority Chair
  • Dan Bartkowiak, Pennsylvania Family Institute
  • Jordan Davidson, Smart Approaches to Marijuana
  • Lauren Krebs, Dauphin County Department of Drug and Alcohol Services
  • Matt Weaver, Compass Mark (Science based addiction prevention)

WHAT: Press conference to highlight existing evidence of the harms with any state proposal to legalize marijuana for non-medical use (recreational).

WHERE: State Capitol East Wing, Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex

WHEN: 9:00AM

“Choosing bigger government to regulate the marketing and sale of marijuana, an addictive and harmful drug, for non-medical use would put more Pennsylvania citizens at risk. Science and evidence show that our roads, our schools, and our workplaces would be less safe. It is why so many major medical associations collectively oppose non-medical marijuana legalization. More Pennsylvanians – particularly our young people – would suffer from the many costs of legalizing industrialized, high potency marijuana for retail sale in our local communities.” – Dan Bartkowiak, Director of Communications, Pennsylvania Family Institute