Penn State University Cancels Riley Gaines Event on Real Women’s Day

Oct 10, 2023 | 0 comments

Riley Gaines, 12- time All-American swimmer, has revealed that Penn State University cancelled a speaking event on campus where she was to celebrate today’s inaugural “Real Women’s Day.”

Gaines plans to use a megaphone and soapbox to speak on campus today at 4pm on the hub lawn.

Penn State says no event with Gaines was canceled, claiming an event request never met the deadline requirements. Gaines shared more about the scheduling details. “When they were told the person speaking was me, suddenly there were “staffing demands” and “other competing events,”” tweeted Gaines.

“Penn State officials claimed today there was no “cancellation” but instead says a deadline was missed in booking the facility. Maybe so – I don’t know,” states Michael Geer, President for PA Family. “I do know that most colleges today are no longer engaged in the “free exchange of ideas” – but instead, as PSU President Bendapudi did in her video, labeling ideas they don’t like as “bigoted,” “hateful” and “hurtful,” and some even go so far as calling words “violence.”  No. the massacres in Israel – that is violence.  Failing to use the proper pronoun or “misgendering” a person is not.”

Today is Real Women’s Day, a day to celebrate what the unique role women play in our society. The date, 10/10, is symbolized by the Roman numerals “XX” – signifying what science and DNA tells us in defining a real woman.

Riley Gaines will join The Babylon Bee’s Seth Dillon at PA Family’s Friends of the Family banquet in Hershey on November 6th. For details, visit