Randy Wenger, Chief Counsel for the Independence Law Center, is co-counsel for the Faithful Carrier case going to the Supreme Court on Tuesday, April 18th. 

“My heart is for religious liberty,” said Wenger, in a recent interview with co-counsel First Liberty Institute. “That’s why I went to law school. That’s why I founded the Independence Law Center.”

Gerald Groff called the Independence Law Center when he was navigating the situation of looking for a new job after the USPS treated him so poorly. This discussion turned into a lawsuit that has now made it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. This case presents the Justices with the opportunity to re-evaluate the meaning of “undue hardship” on an employer’s business.

“We know what undue hardship really means. In other contexts, like the Americans with Disabilities Act, you’re supposed to accommodate the employees unless it creates an undue hardship. But undue hardship there means significant difficulty or expense. So, for the courts to treat undue hardship in that setting differently than in the religious setting, that’s just not right.” – Randy Wenger

Watch the full interview here.

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