From PA Family’s Michael Geer:

Over the years (well, decades) of my service here at PA Family, I’ve been invited to speak at numerous pro-life events – pregnancy center banquets, local rallies and marches for life and the like. I’m always glad for these opportunities, because it is a passion for the pro-life issue and compelling desire to see an end to abortion that drew me into this work in the first place.

In recent years, my presentations have become more memorable thanks to my playing a brief audio recording that, based on the reactions, really helps convey the grave toll abortion-on-demand has taken on this country. Invariably, anytime I play this recording I have folks in the audience come up to me afterward to say how moved they were by hearing it. Some ask me if I can get them a copy so they can share with others.

On the day of such a critically important election here in Pennsylvania and across America, I’ve decided to share this audio clip with my largest audience yet: you, and tens of thousands of others across our state.

Why now? Because, I believe unlike ever before, life and death is on the ballot this election.

Like never before, we have many candidates aggressively touting and celebrating their support for abortion until birth, with plans for it to be paid for with taxpayer dollars. How this must grieve the heart of God to see this in our land.

Conversely, there are good pro-life candidates on the ballot as well, candidates who understand that, thanks to the overturn of Roe v. Wade, decisions over abortion laws are back in our hands of the people and their elected representatives. They need our vote to get about the work of advancing life.

And so, we need to vote today and vote accordingly, based on that reality. Human lives, created in the image and likeness of God, hang in the balance.

Now, back to the audio recording. Please be assured that while it is emotionally moving, there is nothing graphic or explicit within it. As I mentioned, I’ve played it numerous times at events and banquets. It truly is worth a listen.

Then, if you haven’t already voted, make sure to do so today, and encourage like-minded friends and family to do so as well. (Maybe share the audio clip with them, as you see fit?) Polls are open across Pennsylvania until 8 p.m. And please pray for our state and nation.