PA Election Update: The Sanctity of Life

Nov 6, 2020 | 0 comments

From the Desk of Michael Geer, PA Family Council President

The eyes of the nation are on Pennsylvania today, with our state being pivotal in determining who will be the next President of the United States.  As each hour passes, it appears increasingly likely that the vote tallies in that race will be heading to the courts. So we watch, we wait, and we pray.

The same delays in tabulating the vote for President (thanks to the new mail-in ballot law, and subsequent PA Supreme Court decisions that added extra time and confusion to the process) are also impacting the final tallies in other races up and down the ballot – including for US Congress and State House and Senate races.  So it will probably be a matter of days before we can provide you with a definitive list of the winners in all those races.

But today, I can definitely announce one clear winner in Pennsylvania:  the unborn.

Back in February, 2019, I sent a letter to our constituents about the radical new abortion law that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had just signed into law.  That law, which Cuomo had wanted for years, only passed because on Election Day, 2018, the New York Senate flipped to pro-abortion, Democrat control.  I warned that the same could happen here, and that our governor would love for it to happen.

I asked for your help as we began the hard work to make sure, come Election Day 2020, that Pennsylvania’s House and Senate would remain firmly in the pro-life column. And with your prayerful partnership and financial support, we engaged with grassroots citizens, crisscrossed the state, backed pro-life candidates, and targeted key voters to turn out the pro-life vote.  And vote you did.

And today, despite the delays in vote counting, it’s clear that the pro-life majority in the Pennsylvania House and Senate is safe – for another two years!  Thank you!

This despite scores of millions of dollars coming in from out of state – from Hollywood, Silicon Valley – from groups like Planned Parenthood and even our own fervently pro-abortion governor, Tom Wolf.  He personally invested hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money and campaign funds to flip the legislature. And he lost.  The sanctity of life won!

It’s a true David and Goliath story – one in which you played a key part.

Now, let’s continue praying, as the eyes of the nation remain on Pennsylvania.  We’ll have more updates on the election results in the days to come.