Thanks to your support, the PA Family policy team has been hard at work at the Capitol this week, fighting against a push from the abortion industry to get the Pennsyvlania Supreme Court to do their dirty work. 

Abortion clinics throughout the state have banded together and taken a lawsuit to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court asking for them to find (invent) a right to abortion in our Commonwealth’s constitution, which would force taxpaying funding for abortion and could remove existing pro-life protections we have. That means that we could lose clinic inspections and oversight, parental consent for minors, informed consent, waiting periods, and every other law that protect preborn babies and women. 

The result would be devastating for the value of life, which is why we’ve been advocating for a constitutional amendment that would keep abortion out of our constitution. This important  amendment is being sponsored by Senator Senator Judy Ward and Representative Donna Oberlander

Both legislators have released their co-sponsor memos, asking for their colleagues at the Capitol to stand for life and support this amendment. We URGENTLY need your help too –

1) Visit our Citizen Action Center or go to and tell your State Representative and State Senator how crucial it is we keep abortion out of our constitution! Then ask them to co-sponsor Sen. Judy Ward’s legislation in the Senate and your State Representative to sponsor Rep. Donna Oberlander’s bill in the House.

2) Ask your friends and family to do the same!

This is just the beginning and we won’t stop working until all life is cherished in Pennsylvania.