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“Stacking the Court” – or court packing – poses a grave threat to our democracy. In 1937, Franklin D. Roosevelt disliked that the United States Supreme Court opposed some of the provisions of his progressive New Deal, so he attempted to pack the court by adding more Justices who were sympathetic to his policies. This power grab was met with overwhelming bipartisan opposition, as citizens and politicians alike realized how dangerous court packing would be. 

Today, not only has President Biden shown openness to the idea – famously saying on the campaign trail, “You’ll know my opinion on court-packing when the election is over” – but he has now set up a commission to look into “recommendations to reform the court system” and the possibility of advancing his political agenda by adding more liberal justices to the United States Supreme Court. What Biden once called a “bonehead idea” and a “terrible, terrible mistake” is now gaining traction as something our President and other liberal politicians may attempt to implement.

Our friends at First Liberty Institute are helping to take action. There is a small window of time to submit public comments to Biden’s Commission – the deadline is September 15th. First Liberty has set up a helpful website with an online petition that I encourage you to sign at

Join me, along with Franklin Graham, Dr. James Dobson, Tony Perkins (Family Research Council), Penny Nance (Concerned Women for America), Kay C. James (Heritage Foundation), and many others in signing the petition to tell President Biden to stop this Supreme Coup!

“[I]ncreasing the number of justices would stack the Court, virtually ensuring that the far Left’s radical agenda would be implemented, unchallenged, and unchecked. The end result would be the fundamental transformation of America.” – Dr. James Dobson



9 Supreme Court judges are enough. Do not add more judges for any reason! STOP THIS RADICAL CHANGE AT ONCE !!!

Roger Mallie

how can we resume our Sovereignty as a nation, if we continue to distort our Constitution? sign your name!

Raymond Linder

Ever since President Roosevelt (FDR), the SCOTUS actually ruled on the facts and constitutionality and not the way the political winds blow. The threat of court packing changed it all. We need a SCOTUS to do their jobs and not pass the buck to Congress. The rule of law is needed again!

Pam Nosse

I am 100% opposed to packing the court ! Another dispicable desperate attempt to completely undermine our Constitution and destroy our democracy !

Amber Brose

I oppose Biden and court packing! Keep America free and protect our constitutional rights!

Sandy Meyer

I oppose Supreme Court packing vehemently!! The constitution called for it to be the way it is! LEAVE IT ALONE!

Lida Ward

I stand for the flag n kneel for the cross. Leave the SUPREME COURT alone! God Bless America.


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