Planned Parenthood is taking full advantage of the ongoing COVID pandemic to expand their market share on abortion. Their facility in Bensalem – part of a shopping center – recently announced they are now performing chemical abortions on women up to 13 weeks in their pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood continues to prove their primary goal is abortion. Between 2010-2017, Planned Parenthood closed sixteen facilities in Pennsylvania; with all but one not bringing in direct profit from abortion services. The lone closure performing abortions on-site (Easton) was the lowest abortion totals out of their PA abortion facilities. Since this period of closings, Planned Parenthood has added chemical abortions to at least two of their existing locations – Wilkes-Barre (2019) and Bensalem. They now operate a dozen (12) abortion facilities in Pennsylvania, representing over two-thirds of the total abortion facilities statewide. They now profit from over half of all abortions in Pennsylvania.

Many of Planned Parenthood’s locations are now using telemedicine to administer their chemical abortion services. This jeopardizes women’s safety by not having a licensed medical professional performing in-person consultations on women seeking abortions. This puts the interests of Planned Parenthood ahead of their patients, prioritizing profits over women’s safety. (The General Assembly voted to resolve this issue by passing a pro-life telemedicine bill that aligns with FDA safety regulations, but it was vetoed by Gov. Tom Wolf, a former volunteer escort to Planned Parenthood.)

What’s alarming is the rise in complications from chemical abortions in Pennsylvania. According to the PA Department of Health’s most recent data, these complications have tripled in just two years. These complications involve women ending up in hospitals suffering from excessive bleeding or parts of the aborted baby remaining inside the womb. 

The Bensalem clinic is part of the Planned Parenthood Southeastern PA region, headed by Dayle Steinberg, whom their own employees have accused her of being a white supremacist. As a result, Steinberg recently resigned as the chairman of Planned Parenthood’s political arm in PA that has spent millions during election seasons on pro-abortion candidates. She also previously admitted that she and others at those Philadelphia area clinics knew about patients being harmed by the infamous abortionist Kermit Gosnell but did nothing to stop him.

Making matters worse, Planned Parenthood nationally is trying to remove safety protocols with the abortion pill. The FDA rightly classifies the abortion pill on the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation System (REMS) list, which requires an in-person consultation with a medical provider. Planned Parenthood claims this is not needed and that chemical abortions are safe – despite the troubling rise in women ending up in Pennsylvania hospitals as a result of taking these abortion pills.

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