As if just in time for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (Jan. 19th this year), in a press release headlined “Abortion rate increase highlights need for education,” Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania says that an increase in the latest PA abortion statistics should set off “alarm bells”. . . but wait! This is the same organization whose claim to fame (really, infamy) is that it runs the largest chain of abortion clinics and does the majority of abortions not only in Pennsylvania, but internationally! An analogy would be McDonald’s pretending to lament over its own claim to fame of “Billions Sold”!

What’s really going on here is that the group is continuing its campaign to attack programs that teach teenagers to abstain from sex until marriage, claiming that these good programs are based on “denial and fear.” Ah, but what’s their real beef? Money, of course! They not only want their millions of dollars of Title X and state tax dollars, but they even want the small slice of pie that goes to qualified abstinence education.

Rising abortion rates and birth rates are alarming, but aiding and abetting those who profit and promote abortion and birth control behind parents’ backs is not the solution.

For anyone listening, try these public policies for starters: abstinence education at home and school; requiring parental consent for minors before dispensing birth control, just as PA requires for abortions; cut off taxpayer funding of any organization that performs and promotes abortions; enact commonsense health regulations on all abortion clinics, just as required of medical clinics and hospitals; require abortionists to perform ultrasounds and offer the images to a woman before she consents to abortion. . . Any more ideas out there? Send in your comments on our Blog.