Pre-Order Your Voter Guide for the General Election!

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Here’s your opportunity to help yourself and others make a big impact for good!   The Pennsylvania Family Council’s 2020 General Election Voters Guide will be available for distribution in early fall. Over the decades, we’ve provided millions of our non-partisan guides to voters across Pennsylvania, and this year’s edition (available in both print and online versions, will cover races from US President to State House and Senate, as we head towards the critical November 3, 2020 election.

If there were any doubts before, the last few months have proven what a profound impact elected officials have on our daily lives. Now is the time to make your voice heard through voting! Our voter guides will give you and others the information needed to make an informed decision as you vote. You can help get the word (and our guide) out by ordering and sharing our voter guides.

Use the form below to pre-order bulk copies of the guide to hand out in churches or to friends and family!


Paul Kreiser

This is a tremendous service that you have provided for the people of this state.

Claudia Burton

Thanks for compiling the voter guides for us! It’s hard to find out what the senators and representatives stand for on moral issues!

Donna Heck

we thank you for your continued work over the years… may God continue to bless you in all you do…

Larry Lewis

I had been in prayer for our pastor to accept the idea of having these PA Voter Guides be made available to our church people. Before I could get my one sentence spoken, our Pastor said Yes!! Thank you Lord for providing a this great opportunity to stand on your Your Word with Your values. May everyone also see the truth regarding the evil that is trying to destroy what You Lord have provided for our nation’s foundation. God bless!


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