Governor Wolf vetoes telemedicine bill, puts abortion over the well-being of all Pennsylvanians

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Senate Bill 857 advances safe telemedicine that’s aligned with good science. Expanding abortion should never be used as a wedge issue to respond to the COVID-19 healthcare crisis.

Despite the Pennsylvania State Senate and State House passing a safe telemedicine bill, Senate Bill 857, legislation supported by PA hospitals that is aligned with FDA regulations – protecting patient safety and upholding the highest standard of care – Governor Tom Wolf has elected to side with Planned Parenthood and pro-abortion politics with his veto of this bipartisan legislation. 

“When Planned Parenthood wants a veto, Governor Tom Wolf gives it to them every time – no matter the impact on the health and well-being of Pennsylvania citizens,” says Michael Geer, President of the Pennsylvania Family Institute.

Senate Bill 857 is a proper response to the COVID-19 crisis, which would help Pennsylvania by increasing access to safe telemedicine. The legislation includes a requirement to follow the safety guidelines for all drugs on the FDA’s Risk Evaluations and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) list by delivering these drugs in-person in a healthcare facility. The REMS list includes Mifeprex, the abortion pill, because of the health risks it presents to women. 

“If the FDA says a drug isn’t safe to be administered outside of a clinical setting then we shouldn’t endanger the lives and health of Pennsylvanians by allowing it,” writes Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman in a recent op-ed.

By his veto, Governor Wolf is willing to put more women at risk by bucking FDA guidelines in making an exception for abortion. This veto comes in spite of the fact that many in the healthcare system supported the bill, including the Hospital and Healthsystem Association in Pennsylvania (HAP). “HAP supports Senate Bill 857 because of the progress it represents in establishing telemedicine’s rightful place at the forefront of the newly emerging health system of the future.“

Governor Wolf has a history of issuing vetoes on reasonable abortion regulations: the Down Syndrome Protection Act, which would have protected unborn children from being targeted for abortion solely based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome, as well as legislation that would have ended late-term abortions that occur after 20 weeks in pregnancy (current law allows abortion up to 24 weeks, or six months in pregnancy).  

“Governor Wolf cancelled all elective surgeries in Pennsylvania in response to COVID-19, including cancer surgeries and screenings, but kept abortion clinics – performing elective abortions – open,” comments Tom Shaheen, Vice President for Policy at Pennsylvania Family Institute. “Now, once again, Governor Wolf denies Pennsylvanians expanded healthcare unless it allows abortion expansion. It’s incredibly sad that he’s chosen to hold good legislation hostage just to advance his pro-abortion politics.”


Debbie Misson

So apparently a woman can’t get a mammogram, cancer surgery/treatment or a colonoscopy during this pandemic, which can detect cancer at the earliest stages, but she can still murder her unborn baby….how is that a necessary surgery??? Medical PPE that could be used when saving lives for COVID19 healthcare workers is being wasted as a life is being snuffed out. Shame, shame, shame!!!

Ramona Metheney

He needs out of office…no morals… hes not for women hes for killing…


Please put the welfare of Pennsylvanians over your political agenda, Mr. Wolf. We will never forget what you deem more important. Choose wisely.

Alex Fry

We now all know where his loyalties lie. Before I saw this I actually told someone i thought he was doing a decent job; I really fell for it. I will never endorse murder of innocent lives. And a state or country that does will never be blessed by Jesus Christ the only true God. So vote red! Trump 2020

Julie Green

Why don’t the senators or other government officials have wolf impeached or however removed from office??

Brian shunk

That’s why we have so many cases of the coronavirus God is tired of the shedding of innocent blood


Yes he should. For so many reasons. He’s not for women, for life on any level. He’s for himself.


Also I had a appointment with my dermatologist because I am concerned about spot I have on my breast. They called to cancel. Not sure when I can get another appointment . Waited 4 months for my first appointment.


I think he is despicable..
Doesn’t he realize that abortion is murder.

Billie Jo Thompson

Gov. Wolf I can’t understand why you would choose death over life. Praying God would give you a revelation of the evil you are involved in and bring you around to receive healing and restoration in Jesus name I pray.


Governor Wolf you should be ashamed of yourself. Abortions are so wrong. We need medical services now to survive. How do you sleep when you are treating the Pennsylvania people this way.

Sandra Paveglio

This man puts the murder of babies in the womb above all other medical concerns of Pennsylvanians. This is a good bill, that in the future, would greatly reduce risk of infections, if or when we would have another outbreak of co-vid, flu or any other health event and people could get care and diagnosis without traveling to an office.
Yes, it is immoral and a sad day for Pennsylvania with this unethical man at the helm.

Annie Pritts

Gov. Wolf, one day you will answer to God for the decisions you are making on life and death issues. May God help you see the wrong in choosing death instead of life to unborn little human beings. May God help you!


Is there nothing We The People can do to over-ride this power hungry would-be king?

Terri Catanzarito

I agree that there are situations where i can see given the morning afyer pill, i dont agree with abortion, if the child should have so many health problems that the

Carol C Schiller

Pro abortion gives a woman
The right to choose.
A woman has a right to decide what is good for herself and her circumstances.

her body her choice

what baby? if it was considered a baby it wouldnt be allowed to be aborted, you people act like theyre aborting babies at 9 months right before theyre born. its a clump of cells that doesnt have thoughts, or a heartbeat, or anything that would even remotely be considered a baby, its not even a fetus yet


Babies do feel pain in the womb. They are allowed to be aborted because politicians want their satisfy their own agenda or sway voters.


You are making a big mistake in thinking these clumps of tissue aren’t human beings and don’t have life or souls or rights.At least do yourself a favor and watch the silent scream on you tube it gives a real life sonogram of what the baby does during a saline abortion.The doctor who performed it thought like you did but when he saw the baby trying to get away and silently scream, he never did another one and became a proliferation advocate.And yes it’s awful to think of late term abortions but that’s what Biden Harris want and even access to terminate a baby that survives it.


Why does he have to basically, “blackmail” his colleagues in order to have women kill their babies though? We are in a time of crisis. If this is his platform, he can try to get this passed at a more appropriate time. Not when he can’t even do his job for Pennsylvanians during this pandemic crisis! I don’t have a definitive stance when it comes to abortion, there are certain times I can possibly understand (I would not and have not ever), however using a CRISIS to strongarm colleagues to get what you want? That is unethical and immorally sound. What a disgrace to Pennsylvania and society in general.

Pam Knapp

I believe that if a woman chooses to have an abortion he should be required to volunteer in an abortion clinic before she can have the procedure done. I believe that would change a lot of minds. People are led to believe that a fetus is nothing more than a blood clot. If they want to have an abortion the least they can do is see what they are will to murder for themselves.


He’s bought and paid for by Planned Parenthood and they’re getting their moneys worth at our expense. You can’t use the guise of health and safety for our protection and vote like this.. wrong.


This is so wrong !! Governor Wolf do you realize that someday you will stand before God and give an account for all of this.?? Abortion is an abomination to God …and God is not mocked …

Dino Smith

I am in 24 hour severe pain and can’t get a very needed knee replacement, but a baby can be murdered!!! Something is rotten in Pennsylvania!!

Billie Jo Thompson

Gov. Wolfe I can’t understand why you would choose death over life. Praying God would give you a revelation of the evil you are involved in and bring you around to receive healing and restoration in Jesus name I pray.


He’s getting kickback money for this this is why his cabinet company stays open while other business close while he’s making money hand an fist..


Thank God he’ll be out of office at the end of this term! Just hope PA isn’t stupid enough to elect another governor like him or worse!


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