This past Friday, Rep. Wendy Ullman (D-Bucks) issued an apology for her callous comments  that an early miscarriage is “just some mess on a napkin.” However, she is still continuing to lie about House Bill 1890 and what it would actually do:

Many women and families find tremendous comfort and solace in ritual burial or cremation in the case of early miscarriages. Others do not…  [HB 1890] would require ritual burial or cremation following any miscarriage.

(Facebook page.)

Rep. Ullman, other Democrat lawmakers, and abortion groups such as Women’s Law Project and Planned Parenthood continue to lie to families and the media.

Lie: HB 1890 requires “ritual burial or cremation” or “funeral services” involving the parents.

Truth: HB 1890 requires the healthcare facilities to arrange for the burial or cremation of  the deceased child, just as they do with other human remains. No ritual or service (religious or not) is required. Parents are not required to be involved. If parents wish to handle the burial or cremation of the child, they are given that option–at their expense. Nothing in the bill would prohibit a mother from donating the baby’s body for research.

As the bill indicates:

…a health care facility that possesses fetal remains shall have the following duties: (1) Provide for the final disposition of the fetal remains in accordance with the burial and transit permit requirements under 28 Pa. Code Ch. 1 (relating to (administration of vital records). (2) Cremate or inter the fetal remains.

As you can see, the parents are not required to be involved in this process. Also, the term “ritual” is never even mentioned in this bill, despite what some lawmakers and pro-abortion groups claim. 

Currently, healthcare facilities (hospitals, abortion clinics, etc.) treat the baby as medical waste. This bill simply requires them to treat the baby with dignity and respect, as we treat all human life.

The lead sponsor of HB 1890, Rep. Frank Ryan (R-Lebanon), introduced the bill because of the loss of his own unborn child. He wants all unborn children to be given the respect and dignity of proper care (even in death), rather than discarded with bodily fluids, organs, tissue, and other medical waste.

HB 1890 is still waiting for a final vote in the House before moving on to the Senate. Click here to take action and ask your state representative to vote YES for HB 1890.