Day of Action: Monday, September 23, 2019

Who: Pennsylvania State Senators

What: Take 90 seconds to call your State Senator and ask to pass the Down Syndrome Protection Act (House Bill 321) this year, which would stop any child from being aborted solely due to a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Where: Anywhere! Today is their first day back in Harrisburg since passing the budget in June.

When: Today! There are only a handful of session days left before the end of the year so the Senate must act soon.

Why: Down syndrome is 100% a life worth living. Yet children with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome are being targeted in the womb for extinction through abortion.

How: To find out who your State Senator is and/or their phone number, enter the form below. Call and simply say, “My name is _____ and I ask the Senator to do everything possible to pass the Down Syndrome Protection Act, House Bill 321, this year.”