How did your State Rep vote on the Down Syndrome Protection Act?

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On Tuesday, May 14th, the PA House of Representatives voted to pass the Down Syndrome Protection Act, House Bill 321. This legislation would prohibit the killing of unborn children based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome.  Currently, the majority of those diagnosed in the womb with Down syndrome are aborted. The bill now moves to the PA State Senate (to contact your Senator in support, go to

Here’s the roll call:

“Today’s vote sends a clear and compassionate message: no human being should be targeted for death by abortion because of a disability. We are grateful for today’s House vote, and for the leadership of the bill’s lead sponsor, Rep, Kate Klunk (R- York County).” – Michael Geer, PA Family Institute

Take Action:

We encourage you to thank your State Representative if they voted yes or to graciously voice your concern if they voted against this much-needed legislation. And to tell your State Senator to support the Down Syndrome Protection Act:


Gail McCarthy

I want The Down Syndrome Protection Act which would stop any child from being aborted solely due to a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Kurt E. Kimmich

The complete pureness of these children is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. Children with Down syndrome spread no other message than loyalty, love, compassion and genuineness. Sign me up for more of those qualities anytime!!!


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