People from across Pennsylvania are speaking out in favor of the Down Syndrome Protection Act – House Bill 2050. Please hear and share their stories:

Instead of congratulations, this mom was told this:

The repeated response from doctors, nurses and the medical community to a mother from PA choosing to give birth to her son with Down syndrome is what no family should have to go through.

A Pennsylvania mother of a child with Down syndrome:

“To any woman that is faced with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, may I share with you that my experience of having my child with Down syndrome is the absolute best thing that’s ever happened to me.”


Tamara and Devin attended PA’s kickoff rally for the Down Syndrome Protection Act

Meet Johnny

“I wake up every day looking forward to working with Johnny.”

The shocking four-word response to this child’s diagnosis

A doctor recounts the shocking response from another medical professional when he and his wife received a diagnosis of Down syndrome for their unborn child.

Pittsburgh parents

“The news of the diagnosis was shocking and scary.  Sure, this is not what we expected or pictured when we found out we were pregnant, but the reality is being a parent never goes exactly as planned.”

30 Stories

Here’s a glimpse into what people living with Down syndrome bring to communities across Pennsylvania and why we must protect more children through the passage of the Down Syndrome Protection Act.


Down syndrome is a life worth living: Photo Series

Down Syndrome is a Life Worth Saving

Dozens of individuals with Down syndrome with their families joined advocates and elected officials along with with Karen Gaffney – one of the top international advocates for people with Down syndrome – for a rally to tell Pennsylvania that a person with Down syndrome is a life worth saving.



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