Lancaster Planned Parenthood is hosting a lunch event on Thursday, February 22nd in downtown Lancaster with special guest Cecile Richards to highlight their new facility renovations.

“Join Planned Parenthood Keystone and Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards as we recap the unprecedented past year we had, and discuss our exciting plans for Lancaster,” states their invitation.

Does this mean Planned Parenthood will be performing abortions at their Lancaster facility?

So far, it remains speculation. This luncheon event highlights fundraising for “medical center renovations.” They also plan to discuss “exciting plans for Lancaster.” Especially with Cecile Richards as the highlight, it certainly appears these renovations may point to Planned Parenthood working towards performing abortions on-site versus just referrals.

PA Family Council’s Dan Bartkowiak speaks outside of Lancaster Planned Parenthood during 40 Days for Life campaign. (2014)

Planned Parenthood has a history of pursuing abortions in Lancaster. Twenty years ago, Planned Parenthood filed to obtain a building permit to allow for renovations so abortions could be performed. But a broad-based coalition made up of churches, physicians, pregnancy care ministries and community and political leaders fought back. Their group, called Lancaster United for Life, won a court appeal to successfully keep Planned Parenthood from performing abortions in Lancaster city.

Today, Lancaster remains a city – and county – that performs zero abortions, according to the PA Department of Health.

Planned Parenthood is already the largest abortion provider in Pennsylvania, performing half of all abortions in the state. Despite closing one-third of their facilities which has led to a drop in patients and overall health services, abortion numbers have remained the same every year; totaling over 15,000 annually. And recently, Planned Parenthood announced it was going to open 10 new “video chat abortion locations” nationwide. These webcam abortions – where a doctor is not present with the patient but will prescribe an abortion pill – are becoming a new way for expanding their abortion-centered business model.

Planned Parenthood’s lunch event is a reminder to the pro-life community to stay vigilant and active in our pursuit of protecting life. As said by Michael Geer, president of Pennsylvania Family Council and who also was part of the Lancaster United for Life coalition, “The MO of the abortion industry is oftentimes a war of attrition….Let’s get active. Let’s be involved. Let’s pray. Let’s connect.”