The National White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week brings together hundreds of national, state and local groups, along with driven concerned citizens in a massive effort to educate the public on the harms from pornography and the many resources available to aid those affected.

Here are two things you can do this week:

1. Do a Self-Assessment.

Read I Was a Pastor Hooked on Porn by Pastor Garrett Kell (posted on The Gospel Coalition in August) and take account his five lessons learned in order to challenge yourself if you struggle with pornography or to better understand how you can help others struggling with secret sin:

  1. The pressures to pretend are real: “None of us likes to be exposed. Our shame always seeks asylum in the dark.”
  2. Hypocrisy must die: “If you don’t take off the mask of hypocrisy and breathe the air of honesty, your soul will shrivel.”
  3. The time for honesty is now: “Today is the day to confess everything.”
  4. You can’t do this alone: “We all need someone along with whom we’re constantly confessing and repenting and trusting in Jesus.”
  5. Jesus will never leave you: “No matter what honesty might cost you, Jesus will be with you.”

2. Be an Advocate for Ending Pornography.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has a variety of online resources to help understand the issues and provide both prevention and recovery efforts: