Senator Scott Martin has now introduced a resolution – SR174 – to encourage support and respect for children and individuals with Down syndrome. Here are a few highlighted quotes along with video of the full press conference:

“We should not be in the business of selectively choosing which life should begin or end.

– Senator Scott Martin

“I don’t think I would have changed one day of our experience with her for those 25 years because of what she taught us.

– Senate Pro Tempore Joseph Scarnati, whose daughter had severe disabilities.

“Your daughter and all these other children are using 100% of what God gave them. If only we could get every young person to use 100% of the talents that God gave them. What a different world it would be.

– Senate Pro Tempore Joseph Scarnati, recalling what a doctor told him

“When my daughter watches the evening news I’m sure she’s very disturbed at how disabled we are as a culture. And that is why we as a culture have chosen this path to eliminate a group of individuals that I would argue this world desperately needs during this time. We need human beings like Chloe, like all these individuals with Down syndrome, that bring love – unconditional love, purity, joy and light into a culture that desperately needs it.”

– Kurt Kondrich, Senior Director of Development – Human Coalition

“We shouldn’t treat them  any different than anybody else.

– Senator John Eichelberger

“He brings so much joy to our life.”

– Senator John DiSanto, godparent to a boy with Down syndrome

“I thought about how great a job Kyle does [at Home Depot]. He lives independently, he knows much more about home improvement then I will ever know and brings a smile and a joy to so many people’s lives.”

– Senator Scott Martin

Embrace, don’t erase….This is the issue facing our culture.”

– Kurt Kondrich

Chloe Kondrich

Jesus made me perfect.

– Chloe Kondrich

You can support Senator Martin’s resolution by contacting your State Senator and asking for their co-sponsorship and support of SR174. Want an easy way to send an email, even if you don’t know who your State Senator is? Click here to access our Citizen Action Center to automatically send your State Senator an email.

Children and individuals with Down syndrome are valued members of their families and communities, and make meaningful contributions to Pennsylvania every day. With current laws like Chloe’s Law, which provides Pennsylvania parents and families with relevant information upon the prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome, along with this proposed resolution by Senator Scott Martin (Senate Resolution 174), we can continue to advance Pennsylvania as a place where every individual is protected, respected and valued.

Here’s the full video from the press conference: