Senate Bill 3 – a much-needed improvement to our outdated state abortion law – just passed the State Senate by a nearly two-thirds majority vote (32-18).

SB3 (and House Bill 77) would do two things: 1) Stops the barbaric abortion procedure known as dismemberment, and 2) ends abortions after 20 weeks.  The State Senate passed SB3 32-18. It now moves to the State House of Representative – please contact your State Representative TODAY – YES on SB3:

Dismemberment Abortions

SB3 would ban the killing of a baby by tearing apart its limbs and allowing to bleed to death.

Justice Anthony Kennedy has described the procedure this way:

“After sufficient dilation [of the cervix], a doctor inserts grasping forceps through the woman’s cervix and into the uterus to grab a living fetus. The doctor grips a fetal part with the forceps and pulls it back through the cervix and vagina, continuing to pull even after meeting resistance from the cervix. The friction causes the fetus to tear apart. For example, a leg might be ripped off the fetus as it is pulled through the cervix and out of the woman. The fetus, in many cases, dies just as a human adult or child would: It bleeds to death as it is torn apart limb by limb. The fetus can be alive at the beginning of the dismemberment process and can survive for a time while its limbs are being torn off. The process of dismembering the fetus continues until it has been completely removed. A doctor may make 10 to 15 passes with the forceps to evacuate the fetus in its entirety, though sometimes removal is completed with fewer passes. Once the fetus has been evacuated, the placenta and any remaining fetal material are suctioned or scraped out of the uterus. The doctor examines the different parts to ensure the entire fetal body has been removed.”

Here is a former abortion doctor, who performed over 1,200 abortion, describing a form of dismemberment abortion called Dilation & Evacuation (D&E):


Late-Term Abortion

SB3 would update Pennsylvania’s current abortion limit of the first SIX months of pregnancy (24 weeks) to the first five months of pregnancy (20 weeks).

Jason and Tammy Dreistadt’s oldest son was born premature at 24 weeks. Here’s their story:

Why does Pennsylvania permit late-term abortion at the same time in pregnancy that my son was born?

As parents, you learn quickly how precious life is when your child is faced with life-or-death circumstances. Our oldest son, Will, was born extremely premature at 24 weeks, 6 days. He weighed less than two pounds. His initial stay at the hospital was 15 weeks long and he endured six surgeries in the first year of his life. He’s now a 12-year-old straight-A student that we cannot imagine life without.

Pennsylvania’s Abortion Control Act, which was passed nearly 30 years ago, set the state’s current abortion limit of 24 weeks (being interpreted to allow up to 24 weeks, 6 days). Back in the 1980’s, babies born at that time had a slim chance of survival. In today’s modern medical world, preemies born as early as 22 weeks are surviving at record rates.

We are so grateful for 21st century medicine and technology that saved our son’s life. Our laws should reflect these advancements and allow for more lives to be saved.

The United States is one of only seven nations, including China and North Korea, that permit elective abortions after 20 weeks. And within the United States, there are now 20 states that limit abortion to the first 20 weeks.