Don’t miss guest speakers Hawkins, Klusendorf, and Centofante!

The 2019 Life Action Conference, that will be held July 23-24 at Lancaster Bible College, is PA Family’s inaugural pro-life event of its kind. This will be a time dedicated to teaching and training Pennsylvania residents how to ensure that their state continues to protect the unborn. In the light of recent, disheartening events in New York, Illinois, and elsewhere, it is imperative that individuals are aware of current abortion legislation and how to best protect the sanctity of human life.

Registration for the all-day conference on Wednesday is $25 (lunch included) and $10 for students. Click here to register. Call 717-545-0600 with any questions.

To view the email invite from PA Family’s President and CEO, Michael Geer, click here

The two day conference will consist of a kick-off event Tuesday evening and the all-day conference Wednesday, both days highlighting expert speakers in the pro-life arena:

Kristan Hawkins – President, Students for Life of America

Hawkins is a Christian, wife, mother, grassroots activist, author, speaker, and a human rights advocate. Since 2006, she has worked to expand Students for Life of America from a handful of student chapters around the country to an organization that is now present in all 50 states. Hawkins is a strong voice in the anti-abortion debate and will deliver an abundance of knowledge to those in attendance.

Scott Klusendorf – Founder and President, Life Training Institute

Klusendorf travels throughout the US and Canada training and equipping both students and adults with the tools to defend the pro-life position at home and in the public arena. He is a dynamic speaker and well-renowned in the conservative Christian community. Klusendorf is well known for his book, The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture. In his own words, ‘either you believe that each and every human being has an equal right to life or you don’t.’ He has made it his mission to ensure that Christians are capable of defending the first belief.

Alison Centofante – Director of External Affairs, Live Action

Alison Howard Centofante is another voice on the frontlines of the pro-life movement, respectably engaging abortion advocates in the media. She formerly worked for the Alliance Defending Freedom and Concerned Women for America, advancing religious liberty and traditional values, and she continues to do great work for those who do not yet have a voice.

We hope you will join us for this one-time opportunity to hear from these expert speakers, PA Family’s very own President, and others. The issue of abortion is an important one, and one that Pennsylvanians must engage with the truth.

Posted by Madison Graner, Summer 2019 intern.