Pennsylvania Department of Health just released their latest report on abortion statistics for PA (2015). In light of this report, here are three trends to highlight:

1) Record Low: Abortion totals in Pennsylvania.

Statewide abortions went down by over 300 since 2014; hitting a record low of 31,818. This continues the trend in fewer women having abortions. Since 2008, annual abortions in Pennsylvania have now dropped by nearly 7,000.

Sadly, this record low total is still one abortion out of every five pregnancies.

2) New: More women are having late-term abortions.

There were 380 recorded abortions performed on pregnancies that were between 21-23 weeks; up 15% from 2014.

It is simply too extreme to allow babies to be aborted at the same age they are routinely surviving when born on their own. Many people don’t even know Pennsylvania allows abortion as far along as 24 weeks into pregnancy. Help PA Family Institute save babies from Planned Parenthood and the aggressive abortion industry with a donation today.

3) Increasing: Planned Parenthood’s growing abortion business.

Planned Parenthood continues to increase its market share on abortion in Pennsylvania. In 2015, they performed over 17,000 abortions; up over 600 from 2014. Since 2008, even though statewide abortions are down nearly 7,000 annually, Planned Parenthood’s annual abortions are up over 1,500.

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