Yes, HB1510 & SB974 are PA’s Bathroom Bills because that’s exactly what they impact

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Some Pennsylvania lawmakers are saying HB1510 & SB974 – PA’s Bathroom Bills – have nothing to do with bathrooms. So, let’s clear this up for everyone:

HB 1510 & SB 974 would add the special status of “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” and “gender expression” into Pennsylvania’s Human Relations Act in the area of public accommodations.

Public accommodation is defined in PA’s Human Relations Act as “any accommodation which is open to, accepts or solicits the patronage of the general public.” It specifically lists out 56 categories of businesses that it covers, including swimming pools, amusement parks and schools.

This change would force all ladies’ or men’s restrooms, locker rooms, and showers to be accessible to anyone who self-identifies as a different gender, regardless of actual biological sex.

Thus, a man could enter a girl’s or women’s locker room, and if challenged, simply claim to identify as a women. Such a person would be allowed by law to remain, despite the legitimate privacy and safety concerns of the other occupants.

Look what’s happened in other states with the very same kind of laws as the HB 1510 & SB 974 proposals:

Maine – After passing this same-type of legislation in Maine, a school was fined $75,000 for simply maintaining separate restrooms for boys and girls, and providing a reasonable accommodation of allowing a biologically-male student who identifies as a girl to use either the boys or staff restroom. Maine’s State Supreme Court ordered the school to permit any biologically-male students that identify themselves as a girl to use both the boys and girls restrooms, showers and locker rooms. In their 5-1 decision, the Court concluded “that discrimination in the public accommodation of communal bathrooms is prohibited based on sexual orientation.”

Washington – After adding the special status of “sexual orientation” and “gender expression or identity” to public accommodation law, Washington State’s Human Rights Commission declared a new bathroom policy. “The state Human Rights Commission says its new regulation is not introducing a new right, but clarifying a 2006 state law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.”

HB 1510 and SB 974 is sweeping legislation that puts your personal privacy at risk in public showers, restrooms, locker rooms and more.

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Donna Morganti

I, as a woman am opposed to males using and being in the same bathroom as myself or my daughters. This is a pure violation of my privacy and causes great concern over the safety of Pennsylvania’s children.

Gloria Rohrer

I really don’t get it!! Why should a person who is a male be allowed to go into a women’s public restroom, shower or whatever. I don’t care if he thinks he’s a woman in his head or not!!!!! His body parts say male and no good can come from this bill. Let the stores designate a different bathroom for those confused about their gender. I can tell you this much, if this bill is passed, there are going to be a lot of guys going into the women’s restrooms just to get a peek at little girls and women. Stores are going to lose business because people will bouycot stores that follow this policy. Gosh is nothing sacred anymore? Why do we always have to roll over and play dead and have our rights violated just so some confused person can go into the wrong genders bathroom. This is just wrong in so many ways!!!!

Jeannette Williams

We care so much for the feelings of people who do not identify themselves with their natural gender, but we care nothing for the feelings and in fact physical safety of half our population? We are still a misogynist nation. I am no feminist, but it is SO obvious that women’s feelings, women’s health, and women’s safety are not a priority. If they were, all the birth controls that cause horrific side-effects and cancer would have been removed from the market, abortions (which hurt all women) would not be performed on women who are clearly coerced, rapists would stay in jail, and these ludicrous laws would not even be considered. We MUST speak out for women’s rights, all over again!

Vickie Suarez

Target is a private business and should have the right to run its business as it feels is best, and the consumer should have the right to shop where we want. The issue is- should the government require in law that businesses provide services it would not otherwise offer? Government should be in the business of protecting liberty and the free market, not regulating businesses. The consumer is the best determiner of which businesses stay in business.

Jennifer Steele

I completely agree with the comment made that if the government was so concerned, why not create a completely new bathroom for unisex individuals but still uphold separate women and separate men bathrooms. Why mess with something that was fine, just add a third bathroom for “family” alot of places already do have that option, and that is perfect for people that don’t want to go to either of the others. What my tru concern is that we are not just talking about bathrooms people, we are also looking at locker rooms for our children?! They are trying to tell me that it is a requirement legally that my daughter has to take gym, and the school makes it maditory that she showers afterwards, and now you are telling that some boy is welcome to an open anatomy class by walking in and showering too, and these showers are not completely closed or secured. Now do we have the right to opt out? Welcome all unisex faculties, but you need to accommodate everyone else too by securing each stall. Each facility stall no matter what it is should be sealed from the ceiling to the floor with a separate door. That would make everyone feel safe.


Really? As a physician, I spend cumulative hours educating children, teens, and parents about wise choices and dangerous situations… then we introduce this with its “tag” of freedom and rights! We are treading on very dangerous ground, Pennsylvania!! Our most innocent lives are becoming victims to our immoral and unguided “educated” philosophies!


The government is always looking for things to do and fix… I’m sorry but the people don’t need the government to do our thinking for us!! We have common sense & it’s time folks we kick the government out of our daily lives…we do just fine without them! Amen!!!

John Bottrell

I have written the following letter to our Governor:
Dear Governor Wolf,

My name is John. I am 15 years old and I love my country. I was born in Pennsylvania and have lived here all my life. However, I am very discouraged over the direction our state is going. As you know, HB 1510 and SB 974, or “the Bathroom Bill,” is sweeping legislation that puts our personal privacy at risk in public showers, restrooms, locker rooms.
Just last month my grandfather went to the restroom at a Taco Bell in our state. He could not believe that the ladies restroom had been eliminated and instead of the typical “Men’s” and “Ladies” room signs, the following sign had been posted.
These changes are forcing all ladies’ or men’s restrooms, locker rooms, and showers to be accessible to anyone who self-identifies as a different gender, regardless of actual biological sex.
Governor Wolf, I oppose your Bathroom Bill and ask you to consider the future for your own family. Your grandchildren may be forced to use a facility where a perverted man is deviously waiting for innocent children.
I am only one voice but shame on me if I don’t let it be heard, even if nobody listens. The Bible says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…” – Psalm 33:12. I wish for God to continue to bless this nation. Please do not let Pennsylvania be a part of that which will contribute to the removal of His blessing.


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