This pastor gets to the root of the problem with NARAL Super Bowl tweets

Feb 8, 2016 | 0 comments

Last night, millions of Americans sat with friends and family to enjoy watching the Super Bowl and to laugh at commercials. One pro-choice political group used a few of the commercials to complain and convey its perspective on babies and abortion:

NARAL tweets

It’s bewildering to see anger behind humanizing a human being, yet it makes perfect sense when we are reminded about the worldview of many who defend abortion. David Platt, at the Evangelicals for Life conference in D.C., the day before the March for Life, gave this reminder:

“Children are so precious. They’re a treasure to be cherished. And yet we live in a country and a culture where children are a problem to be avoided. Just this week, having a conversation with someone involved in the pro life movement, I learned of a court case in which defenders of abortion were claiming that pregnancy is akin to an unwanted disease in a women’s life. Therefore abortion is nothing more than a remedy for a sickness. Whether it’s a court argument or undercover videos, we find ourselves surrounded by a culture that devalues, disregards, mistreats and ultimately murders children.

Watch David Platt’s full 30-minute sermon below. And one way “to engage culture, not to ignore it” is to align with Pennsylvania’s leading pro-life, pro-family organization.