You helped us make these pro-life advancements in PA

Dec 22, 2015 | 0 comments

Pennsylvania Family Institute is helping to lead pro-life advocacy throughout the Commonwealth. Accompanied by your voice and your financial support, here are some highlights from the past year of how we advocate for pro-life principles in Pennsylvania:

2015 Pro-Life Highlights

1. Challenging Planned Parenthood at the Capitol with Life Action Day. On April 13, we had a conversation on abortion and the activity of Planned Parenthood in the Rotunda of the State Capitol with hundreds in attendance; happening the same day the abortion giant was having their Day of Action.

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2. Releasing the “ground-breaking” State of Abortion in Pennsylvania report. We felt it important to have in one place a breakdown of what abortion and Planned Parenthood look like in our state. And the feedback we received was very positive – “Fantastic.” “Ground-breaking.” “Great to have all this information in one place.” Click here for a free download of this report.

3. Creating a new website to engage the conversation on advancing pro-life measures with AbortionisPersonal.comContinuing the conversation from Life Action Day, we debuted this website that highlights not only our 2015 report but additional conversation starters like videos and infographics to help continue advancing the pro-life movement in Pennsylvania.

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4. Providing legal assistance, in coordination with pregnancy care centers, for multiple young teenage girls in situations of being pressured to have an abortion. Any time this situation is presented to us, we provide an urgent response to help stand up for the rights of both the teenager and her unborn child. We make it known to all area abortion clinics, at the approval of the teenager, that she is being coerced and to not dare provide her with an abortion or face legal consequences.

If you are being coerced into having an abortion, or you know someone who is, please call the Independence Law Center at 717-657-4990.

5. Adding a new hire to our team: Jeremy Samek – Senior Counsel, Independence Law Center. Already this year, Jeremy has brought his leadership and his expertise to help in promoting and defending pro-life causes.

6. Writing several pro-life news items and perspectives for the media. Our opinion pieces and articles appeared in several news outlets such as National Review (linking the pro-life movement with the redefinition of marriage) and (announcing another PA Planned Parenthood facility closure – making it the 3rd state closing since 2013 for the abortion giant.)

7. Bringing one of the best pro-life apologists – Scott Klusendorf – to train our City on the Hill students in defending and promoting the sanctity of life. We were able to engage our students in several teaching sessions on how to defend the unborn and answering the tough questions.

Collage - Klusendorf


8. Filing a legal brief with the U.S Supreme Court on behalf of the Children First Foundation. This pro-adoption nonprofit had been promoting its mission through “Choose Life” license plates but were denied this opportunity because it was deemed “offensive.”

9. Distinguishing pro-life positions in our Voters Guide for the Judicial Election.  Every year we ask candidates pro-life questions; including this year by pointing out the stand each candidate for the Supreme Court justice took on Roe v. Wade.

10. Compiling the best statewide list of bus transportation available for the March for Life. Each year we have interested pro-lifers contact us about ways to attend the DC event and this list helps to highlight those options. (Tune in to this January for buses leaving for the march on January 22.)

11. Hosting a screening for the premiere of the documentary 3801 Lancaster. This film includes interviews with abortionist Kermit Gosnell, from his jail cell, and highlights the horrific non-action by state government agencies that looked the other way for decades. For more, visit

Screening - 3801 Lancaster

PFI President Michael Geer addressing the crowd along with Director David Altrogge.


12. Influencing public policy makers – State Representatives and State Senators – on pro-life legislation. We are a pro-life resource for elected officials – whether it be through scheduled meetings or by urgent calls we receive while they are debating on the House or Senate floor.

13. Directing action on several pro-life legislative policies. We’ve helped thousands take action on items like the U.S. Senate vote to ban late-term abortions and a state bill to shift state taxdollars away from Planned Parenthood.


Looking ahead to 2016, we’re already working with elected officials on several pro-life policy advancements as well as researching for another in-depth report and putting our strategy together for how we can play a pivotal role in saving lives in Pennsylvania. Your voice in taking action on future alerts is critical. And your financial partnership with us allows our team the have the resources available to accomplish our best pro-life strategy. Click here to make a tax-deductible contribution today.

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