In the midst of budget deliberations, some PA lawmakers believe a good solution is our government getting more involved with gambling.

Online-Gambling-Meme-12-15-15aThe idea is simple in their mind – just pass HB 649 and each year we can reach inside the hat of online and video gambling and pull out $307 million. Isn’t that amazing?

A reality check is in order for anyone falling for this trick. Just look to our neighbors in New Jersey (one of only three states to pass state-sponsored online gambling), who touted hundreds of millions of dollars in estimated revenues from online gambling only to see massive shortcomings and lawmakers now calling it a disaster.

The 213-page proposal of government-sponsored online gambling not only expands its tentacles beyond casinos and into every home in Pennsylvania but would put up to five video gambling machines in any tavern or club.

Do we fix anything by allowing 12,000 bars and clubs that exist throughout our state to sell alcohol to customers playing the most addictive form of gambling?

State officials need to pass a budget that keeps Pennsylvania taxpayers as the priority. State-sponsored online and video gambling is a step in the wrong direction.

TAKE ACTION: Join hundreds of Pennsylvania taxpayers who have already told their state officials that gambling is not the answer: Oppose HB 649 and any state-sponsored online gambling.