Right now, Pennsylvania faces possibly the greatest threat to religious freedom in recent memory. There is no question that these threats to restrict religious freedom, both in Pennsylvania and across the nation, are ultimately attacks on the freedom to teach and live out the Christian faith.  We need God’s help, and we must pray.

On Sunday, November 22, we will be holding another Day 2 Pray to engage churches and citizens to pray for religious freedom.

Whether through corporate prayer during church service or simply individually at a point in the day, please pray:

1. Pray for those being directly persecuted for living out their beliefs.

For protection and for wisdom in those defending their freedom. For example:

1. Barronelle Stutzman – Washington florist

2. Aaron and Melissa Klein – Oregon bakers

3. Coach Joe Kennedy

4. Chief Kelvin Cochran

2. Pray for those attempting to restrict religious freedom.

For their change of heart and for restraint on their actions.

3. Pray for courage to stand firm in supporting religious freedom.

For ways to support efforts to allow these freedoms to flourish and for personally living out these convictions.

Additional Insight

Why is the proposed so-called “Fairness Act” in Pennsylvania a threat to religious freedom?

As it stands, America—and Pennsylvania in particular—has been a historic example of religious respect and toleration—inside and outside the church, synagogue, mosque, temple, and so on. The so-called “Fairness Act” would change all that. For Pennsylvanians who believe in Biblical sexual values, it would make participation in certain parts of public life impossible. A Christian baker fined $135,000. A Christian florist’s life savings threatened by the state. A Christian photographer told by a court that violating her conscience is the “cost of citizenship.” All this just for being unable to participate in same-sex weddings. All this because of laws like the proposed so-called “Fairness Act.” There’s nothing fair about it.

More details: pafamily.org/unfairness

Contact state officials: “Stop the so-called Fairness Act” – tinyurl.com/standfortruefairness

Religious Freedom Matters:

“Religious liberty matters because religious liberty is an issue of worship….Moreover, in an American system of government, religious liberty is everyone’s problem, because the state is accountable to the people, who are, ultimately, the governing authorities. A Christian, then, who doesn’t care about working for religious liberty is a Christian not only wishing to be persecuted, and to consign others to persecution, but also wishing to be, by his silence, a persecutor of others. This is contrary to the way of Christ (1 Pet. 1:12-17).” Religious Liberty in Not Freedom to Ridicule (Dr. Russell Moore – 4/21/15)

Speaking the Truth in Love:

“We must speak the truth in love and seek to be good neighbors to all, but we cannot abandon the faith just because we are told that we are now on the wrong side of history.” Why Can’t Christians Just Join the Revolution? (Dr. Albert Mohler – 11/13/15)

Taking on our Opponents:

“Religious liberty doesn’t fuel culture wars. It protects fundamental freedoms from culture war casualties, regardless of which side is winning at the moment. That’s why religious freedom is important, and why debunking its cynics is so urgent.” Debunking Four Myths About Religious Freedom (Dr. Russell Moore – 10/28/15).

Religious Freedom is not a Trump Card:

“Because of the priority of religious freedom, the protection of the individual’s conscience should be a higher priority than the advancement of our preferred political causes. We shouldn’t let opinion polls scare us away from standing with those who refuse to discard their conscience and convictions. We should stand with those who stand by their beliefs because it is the right thing to do. This does not require, of course, that every religious objection be honored and every exemption given. Although all Americans are entitled to religious liberty, religious liberty is never an absolute claim. Religious freedom is not a trump card that allows us any and every advantage over our neighbor.” How Christians Can Evaluate Religious Liberty Objections (Dr. Russell Moore, Joe Carter – 9/10/15).

Sunday, November 22

#Day2Pray for Religious Freedom