The first-ever recorded interview with convicted murderer and former abortionist Kermit Gosnell is being released on November 10th as part of a new feature-length documentary.

3801 Lancaster: An American Tragedy will show exclusive interviews with Gosnell, along with police, jurors and victims of his “House of Horrors” operation.

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Brief clips were released of these interviews that show us Gosnell still believes in his innocence and did nothing wrong. “I very strongly believe in my innocence and there are a number of people who believe that,” Gosnell pleads in the trailer.

In another clip, Gosnell says after reading the Bible since his incarceration, he now feels even stronger about his past abortion practices. “Until I really completed my first Genesis to Revelation reading of the Bible — which I did since I was incarcerated — I really didn’t feel as comfortable as I am.”

“I think it’s Genesis 2:7, expresses the breath of life as the beginning of life that God breathed breath — breathed life — into Adam. The Bible, to me, is very clear that life does not happen until breath.”

“My producer and I were on the phone and he started telling us, scripture by scripture, how he believed he was innocent. I was stunned,” said David Altrogge, director for the new documentary. “It was definitely not the route I expected him to go. He had obviously spent a lot of time thinking about this. And I think that’s what so haunting about this case.”

Altrogge and his film team began to tell the story surrounding Kermit Gosnell with their award-winning “3801 Lancaster” in 2012 which Anderson Cooper (CNN) called “remarkable.” This follow-up film comes after over a year of interviews with Gosnell.

Although Kermit Gosnell pleaded not guilty, he never took the stand during his trial. Now, in an unprecedented interview, Gosnell candidly discusses not only the trial but his childhood, his medical training and the barbaric killing of babies – which he calls “snipping.”

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