Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains’ Vice President and Medical Director, Dr. Savita Ginde, is shown here discussing the sale of aborted baby body parts along with pricing and ways to cover it up from the public:

“…putting it under the research gives us a little bit of a, a little sort of overhang over the whole thing. And in the public I think it makes a lot more sense for it to be in the research vein than, I’d say, business venture….” – Dr. Ginde

“Planned Parenthood’s recent call for the NIH to convene an expert panel to ‘study’ fetal experimentation is absurd after suggestions from Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Ginde that ‘research’ can be used as a catch-all to cover-up baby parts sales. The biggest problem is bad actors like Planned Parenthood who hold themselves above the law in order to harvest and make money off of aborted fetal brains, hearts, and livers.” – Center for Medical Progress Project Lead David Daleiden

Warning: contains graphic content.

Do something about it – Right now Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania is currently receiving millions in our taxpayer dollars. Make it known to your State Senator and State Representative that as they debate the state budget there is no debate over ending all government payments to Planned Parenthood. Click here to send an email or go

Buying or selling human body parts for profit is a federal felony. For Planned Parenthood, it’s just business as usual. It’s time to stop paying Planned Parenthood.

Dr. Ginde