Join us on social media by bringing pro-life tweets during Planned Parenthood’s lobbying day – same day as our first-ever Life Action Day.

WHY APRIL 13? Planned Parenthood is having their lobby day in PA on Monday April 13. It’s also the same as our first-ever Life Action Day. We’ll be using their hashtag – #PPActionPA – to spread the truth about life and about the largest abortion provider in Pennsylvania.


Why are we sending millions in taxpayer $ annually to Planned Parenthood – our state’s largest abortion provider? #LifeActionDay #PPActionPA

PA laws have helped bring better safety measures, protection and education to pregnant women and their families. #LifeActionDay #PPActionPA

Nearly 1 in 5 pregnancies in PA result in an abortion. That’s not rare. #LifeActionDay #PPActionPA

8 of the 10 largest abortion facilities in PA = Planned Parenthood. That’s a business model focused on abortion. #LifeActionDay #PPActionPA

2013: Planned Parenthood PA: $35m in revenue, at least $7.3m directly in patient abortion fees. PP = big business #LifeActionDay #PPActionPA

If 1000 pregnant women walked into Planned Parenthood, 938 would have an abortion. Business model = abortion. #LifeActionDay #PPActionPA

Zero references to adoption in Planned Parenthood PA’s annual report. Number of references to abortion = 17 #LifeActionDay #PPActionPA

Planned Parenthood received complaints from patients of #Gosnell before he was arrested, and did nothing #LifeActionDay #PPActionPA

PA tax dollars can better serve our communities by not being provided to Planned Parenthood or any other abortion business. #LifeActionDayProfile Picture - #LifeActionDay Tweetfest

PA Abortion Control Act: “further the public policy of this Commonwealth encouraging childbirth over abortion. #LifeActionDay #PPAction


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Here are more memes you can use – spread truth!

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