Dr. Allan Sawyer – an OB/GYN – offers an amazing testimony, given before a legislative committee in Arizona, about the hundreds of patients he has spoken with about their past elective abortions and specifically one young woman who went to Planned Parenthood for an abortion using the abortion pill RU-486:

Within hours she regretted her decision, and the next morning she went back to the Planned Parenthood office on Eugie and begged them to reverse the effect of the pill.

She was told by the Planned Parenthood staff that she had to complete the process or else she would have complications and get an infection. 

While still standing in the clinic waiting room, she Googled abortion pill reversal on her cell phone, where she connected to a national call center that pairs women in the midst of a medication abortion with physicians who are willing to help save the lives of their unborn babies. Within 45 minutes she was in my office where I showed her on ultrasound her 10 week fetus with a heartbeat and moving inside of her womb. 

I started her on a protocol of high dose progesterone to undo the lethal effects of the antiprogesterone medication RU-486 (mifepristone). Because she had used all of her available money to pay for her abortion at Planned Parenthood and she didn’t have enough money to pay for the progesterone, I personally paid for her medication at a local pharmacy. She is now past her first trimester, and her baby is now out of danger and doing well, and has a due date in September.

Dr. Sawyer ended his testimony with this:

I also opine that women who have initiated a medication abortion process and who change their minds, for whatever reason, should not have their baby stolen from them because Planned Parenthood, or any abortionist, withheld life-saving facts or provided misinformation to these women.

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