The Pennsylvania Family Institute expressed disappointment and dismay at the decision by the United States Supreme Court not to take up cases emanating from several states regarding “same-sex marriage.”

“By choosing not to hear these cases, the Justices are allowing the activist rulings of lower court Judges to stand,” said Michael Geer, Pennsylvania Family Institute President. “The notion that marriage is anything but the union of man and woman is newer than cell phones. To suggest that the US Constitution suddenly now requires recognition of “same-sex marriage” shows just how far these judges have strayed,” added Geer.

Randall Wenger, Chief Counsel of the Institute’s Independence Law Center, noted that with today’s announcement, the High Court has in effect set the stage for imposition of “same-sex marriage” across the nation.

“Some legal analysts have called this a ‘stealth legalization’ of same-sex marriage by the Supreme Court,” said Wenger.  “The Court issued no landmark decision or majority opinion on this vitally important issue that affects every American.  Instead, without a word, the Court has opened the gate to continued action by lower courts to expand ‘same-sex marriage’ to every corner of the country.”

Pennsylvania Family Institute has long advocated for keeping marriage the union of one man and one woman – precisely because it has proven to be the best health, education and welfare institution for children ever devised.  Natural marriage helps ensure that more children are raised by their mother and their father, who fill vital and distinct roles in the nurturing and upbringing of children.

Millions of Americans recognize this reality (demonstrating it through their lives, and in referendums and through laws passed by their elected representatives). Today’s action by the Supreme Court further erodes the people’s confidence in government.

Pennsylvania Family Institute will continue its efforts to promote this vital institution, and to defend those who face legal challenges because of their sincerely held belief and conviction that marriage truly was, is, and always will be the union of man and woman.

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