Freedom is the Ultimate Winner in Conestoga Wood and Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision

Pennsylvania Family Institute applauds ruling as important First Amendment victory

Liberty in America was affirmed and protected today as the United States Supreme Court sided with advocates for First Amendment freedoms, and rejected government overreach into the lives of those who own and operate businesses.

Pennsylvania Family Institute (PFI) congratulates the Hahn Family, old-order Mennonites from Lancaster County and the founders and owners of Conestoga Wood Specialties, who challenged the federal government’s contraceptive drug coverage mandate.

“The Hahns made it very clear from the start being forced to provide employee coverage for drugs that can cause an abortion would be a severe violation of their religious faith and conscience,” said Michael Geer, PFI President. “Today’s ruling will permit them to continue to operate their company, continue to provide and care well for their employees, and also maintain the rights of conscience and religious freedom that brought their ancestors to our shores,” added Geer.

Pennsylvania Family Institute’s Independence Law Center initiated the case on behalf of the Hahn family and Conestoga Wood Specialties in December 2012.  Despite losses at the Federal District and Appeals Court levels, the Hahns stayed the course, understanding the significant liberty issues that were at stake.

At the Appeals court level, attorneys from the Alliance Defending Freedom joined with the Independence Law Center in supporting Conestoga Wood. At the Supreme Court, the case was combined with a similar challenge brought by Hobby Lobby, and attorneys from the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty engaged on behalf of both parties.

The Pennsylvania Family Institute applauds the excellent teamwork and cooperation among the families, companies, organizations and attorneys that brought about today’s decision which affirms and protects our most precious liberties.

“We thank the many friends and supporters of Pennsylvania Family Institute and the Independence Law Center for their prayers and financial support that enables us to vigorously defend liberty,” said Michael Geer.  “Your involvement and generosity was key to today’s win and will enable our continued vigilance on behalf of freedom.”