Dismayed with Gov. Corbett’s Decision

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Failure to Keep Fighting Further Silences the People’s Voice

(Harrisburg, PA)  The Pennsylvania Family Institute expressed disappointment and dismay today at the decision of Gov. Tom Corbett not to appeal yesterday’s decision by United States District Judge John E. Jones III overturning the historic and long-standing definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

“One judge should not have the right to decide once and for all what marriage will be in Pennsylvania, said Michael Geer, PFI President. “Mounting an appeal presented a great opportunity for Gov. Corbett to vigorously advocate for the people of Pennsylvania and his own stated belief that marriage is between man and woman. Instead, to our dismay, he chose to stand down and let Judge Jones dictate the terms of marriage going forward.”

“The governor’s decision today leaves very few options for the millions of Pennsylvanians who stand for natural marriage,” said Randall Wenger, PFI Chief Counsel. “Those who want to see as many children as possible raised by their mom and their dad know that marriage between a man and a woman is the best route to that worthy goal. Redefining marriage only damages that cause.”

Marriage between one man and one woman has no parallels. Social science and human experience tells us there is nothing so beneficial to the well being of children as a mom and a dad committed to each other in marriage. This standard should be encouraged – not redefined and dismissed in favor of a new social experiment that could negatively impact children and families.

Despite the setback, the Pennsylvania Family Institute will continue to fight for public policy that’s best for children and families. “Our work is only more urgent in the wake of today’s decision,” said Geer.



I am very disappointed at Gov. Tom Corbet not to appeal yesterday’s decision by United States District Judge John E. Jones. I will not be supporting him in the upcoming election for Governor. I hope an independent who is for God’s values will run for governor. We are certainly living in the days of Noah. God help us.


and if the oil and gas superpacs still think he is a useful tool come the next election, the hurt feelings of those who are disappointed he is saving the state time and money will have little power

Susan Rosenthal

Gov Corbett made the correct decision. An appeal is almost certain to lose. Banning same sex marriage does nothing to provide children with moms and dads. The courts have repeatedly stated this.


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