Pennsylvanians should be proud to know that their elected officials agree that our tax-dollars should not fund elective abortions.

HB 818 was recently passed by the PA General Assembly, sponsored by Representative Donna Oberlander and Senator Donald White,  and signed into law by Governor Tom Corbett.

This new law protects current Pennsylvania policy: For two decades, the Abortion Control Act has stated that public funding for abortion is limited to 3 areas: babies that have been created through rape or incest or when the life of the mother is threatened. In all other abortion procedures performed in Pennsylvania, no ones receives tax-payer dollars to fund the surgery.

The federal Patient Protection and (so-called) Affordable Care Act – better known as Obamacare – contains a provision specifically offering states the opportunity to make sure no funding covers elective abortions. With the massive changes coming with Obamacare, this bill makes sure our policy on abortion funding does not change.

So ultimately by passing a bill that protects current policy, no rights to women’s health are changed and sadly, abortion continues to be available throughout the Commonwealth.

As Rep. Oberlander stated:

“If we as a Commonwealth are going to succeed in safeguarding the gift of human life, Pennsylvania must do everything possible to preserve current law by prohibiting the existence of taxpayer-funded earmarks that make elective abortions more affordable or convenient.”

Pennsylvania Family Institute thanks all the State Senators and Representatives who voted in favor of this bill.

Thank you Governor Corbett for signing into law the protection of Pennsylvania values – that our tax-dollars are not spent in providing elective abortions.