Contact Corbett: “Keep fighting – please appeal!”

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Take Action!
Contact Governor Corbett and ask him to appeal the decision to redefine marriage in Pennsylvania and ask the court to prevent issuance of licenses to same-sex couples while the case is on appeal. You can call him at 717-787-2500, or contact him through our Citizen Action Center.

Consider supporting the work of Pennsylvania Family Institute and help us keep up the fight for marriage at this critically important time. Click here to make a secure online contribution.

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Jancey Dailey

I am very upset that the ban on same sex marriage has been overturned, however,I am even more outraged that the governor has chosen not to appeal it! I voted for him because of his strong pro family position. How can he possibly be pro family if the very basics of family is compromised and he won’t do anything about it? I believe he is listening to very bad counsel and in an effort to gain the vote of independents he is losing the vote of his party and conservatives who put him in office. I have to think long and hard about voting for him in the fall. For the first time since I began voting I just might stay home!


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