Last year, three filmmakers came together to tell a tragic and disturbing story they believed the public desperately needed to hear. The result was 3801 Lancaster – a compelling short documentary film detailing the case of Philadelphia abortionist and convicted murderer Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Now, almost a year later, the trio plans to release 3801 Lancaster: Part II on the anniversary of Gosnell’s conviction.

3801 Lancaster is an ongoing documentary series with three goals in mind:

“First, to make the public aware of what happened at the Women’s Medical Society. Second, to give Gosnell’s victims an outlet to tell their stories. Third, to help find and shut down clinics that continue to operate in the same manner as the Women’s Medical Society.”

The filmmakers were able to show that, for over 15 years, state and local authorities had failed to conduct routine inspections of the Women’s Medical Society – even after numerous serious complaints – enabling Dr. Kermit Gosnell to continue his horrendous acts undeterred. A Grand Jury convened by the Philadelphia District Attorney found that abortion clinics enjoyed a “hands off” approach by state officials in the administrations of two former governors – Republican Tom Ridge and Democrat Ed Rendell.

Part I explored the general aspects of the case and featured some of Gosnell’s former patients. It was clear that the deaths of hundreds of babies and at least one adult patient could have been prevented – but the government chose to look the other way. 3801 Lancaster is an award-winning emotional must-see story which Anderson Cooper calls “remarkable.”  If you have yet to see it, you can watch the entire film here:

Part II will dive deeper into the details of the government’s negligence with one participant claiming:

“I think Gosnell not only could have been stopped, but should have been stopped years ago.”

Both installments of 3801 Lancaster are funded primarily through private donors and, at this point, the team is still $35,000 short on funds for Part II. To donate to the film, visit  Part II will be released May 13, 2014.

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