By Kate Boyle

Christian rapper Bizzle is reportedly receiving death threats over his response to Grammy-award winning rapper duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love.” The Houston-based rapper wrote his song in the aftermath of Macklemore’s performance of “Same Love” at the Grammy’s – where dozens of gay couples were married on national television.

Bizzle uses the same instrumental from Macklemore’s version to promote an entirely different message – one that seems to go unheard in the media.  “We have these conversations ‘off the record’ so much, but everyone’s afraid of speaking up because of what comes speaking up,” he states to a local radio station in Houston.

The rapper uses Christian principles to counter the public’s seemingly growing acceptance of homosexuality and “same-sex marriage” in American culture.

“God created marriage, when he did he defined it though
So why is it you want what He created, but deny him though?
It’s not wicked enough, switching the definition?
You want it done by a Christian in a church he worships in?”

The backlash via social media prompted Bizzle to create a website to post the hateful things being said about him – further proving his point that the tolerance is one sided.

“But, see your hypocrisy is something I could paint vividly
Saying, it’s the way you was born, and I’m sure that you lust like I do just in a different form
But I’m married so if I give into mine, I’m a cheater
If you give into yours, you just fight to make it legal”

Promotion of tolerance toward anything liberal is fine but there’s no tolerance toward Christian worldviews. The consistent persecution continues.