Governor Tom Corbett recently spoke to the Seattle Times about the proposed ultrasound bill being considered in Pennsylvania. The political site reported that President Obama’s campaign and the PA Democrats jumped all over it for political gain, accusing the governor of a so-called “war on women.”

Truth be told, In the full video clip of the interview, Corbett explains that he supports non-invasive ultrasounds because of his pro-life views. He says 30,000 abortions occur per year in Pennsylvania.
“If by an ultrasound, which is not invasive at all, we convince somebody maybe to carry that baby to term and give it up for adoption and save that life, I think that’s the way to go.”

Gov. Corbett is right! Thank you, Gov. Corbett!
In fact, by their own standard practices, 98% of abortion clinics are ALREADY doing the ultrasounds. All we’re saying is that they need to stop withholding information from women, they owe it to women to offer the ultrasound image. That’s why House Bill 1077 is called the Women’s Right to Know Law.