April 1, 2013
Statement from the Pennsylvania Family Institute
Michael Geer, President

Sen. Casey Flips to Political Pressure, Abandons Institution of Marriage

“Until today, Sen. Casey seemed to understand the special, unique nature of marriage – a bond that brings the two halves of humanity –male and female – together in a commitment that best serves the children that likely will result from that bond.

“And so, it’s very troubling to see Sen. Casey respond to special interest pressure on an issue as important as this one.  Those special interests just recently announced their campaign to get him to flip, and it didn’t take very long at all.

“This is so much different than the character and fortitude of his father, Governor Casey – who famously and courageously bucked his party’s embrace of abortion on demand, even to the point of beginning a campaign for President – to stand up for what is right.

“Many supporters of Sen. Casey had hoped for more from him, and today are sadly disappointed especially given that he’s advocating against the position he took when he was voted into office, and against Pennsylvania’s duly-enacted marriage law.”