Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Tim McNulty called it ‘a game with some of the worst odds in the house is a key to an administration plan to privatize management of the Pennsylvania lottery.’ And he’s right!

But what “game” is that, you might ask?

It’s Keno. And this version is played on video gambling machines. And…it’s not only has the potential to turn Pennsylvanians into a sad version of The Biggest Loser (of household money, not weight) but is highly addictive. Our Revenue Department in the Corbett administration wants to install and run Keno through any Lottery contract. To make matters worse, the vision is includes operating these addictive machines in state licensed facilities that serve alcohol, which increases their addictive nature (according to experts in the field that deal with the consequences of compulsive gamblers, their families and affected businesses).

Keno in Pennsylvania is a bad idea that should be left on the cutting room floor.

Let’s tell Gov. Corbett and our state senators and state representatives that we don’t want Keno in our communities.

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