From Alliance Defending Freedom:

The Obama Administration proposed a new regulation regarding religious organizations and the HHS preventive services mandate, which, among other things, required a huge number of employers to cover (without cost sharing) contraceptives, abortifacients, sterilization, and related counseling in their employee group health plans, even if they conscientiously object.


The exemption remains stunningly narrow.  It does not protect the huge number of non-church religious organizations (social service agencies, schools, universities, etc.) that object to facilitating the use of morally problematic drugs and devices.  It does not help the faithful Americans who attempt to operate their family businesses in accordance with their religious convictions.  This almost meaningless expansion of the exemption does not help any of the over 130 organizations and individuals that have challenged the Mandate in court.

Our Independence Law Center is currently involved in a case challenging the Mandate. Randall Wenger, chief counsel of the Law Center, is working on behalf of a Christian-owned Lancaster business who wishes to follow their religious convictions in their workplace. Read more at the Law Center website.