Wednesday, January 16th was Freedom of Religion Day. To mark the occasion, President Obama released a proclamation – click here to read it. Unfortunately, he missed the mark. And his words and the actions of his administration show clearly that he does not truly believe in religious liberty.

The President begins:

Foremost among the rights Americans hold sacred is the freedom to worship as we choose.

Mr. President, we don’t just have the freedom to worship, we have freedom of religion which is much broader. Watch this video clip from the late Chuck Colson explaining the clear distinction between these two phrases.

Meanwhile, the President’s administration is forcing people of faith to pay for abortion-inducing drugs through the Health and Human Services mandate brought to us by Obamacare. Our own Independence Law Center is defending a Lancaster county business in this court battle. Read more…

Do you believe that the President is standing up for your right to live out your faith in the public square?