Schools Already Experience (Un)intended Consequences of Redefining Marriage

Jan 3, 2013 | 0 comments

by Tom Shaheen, Vice President for Policy

Our team at the Pennsylvania Family Institute/Council and Pro-marriage advocates around the country –  have been warning our state lawmakers and you, our state’s churches and families, about the need to protect the legal definition of marriage as between a husband and wife. Why? Because of the consequences to society, including the next generation.

In this insightful column, our friends at the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) cite some “I Told You So” evidence that we’re already seeing evidence in several states.

If same-sex “marriage” becomes the law of the land, then we are only fooling ourselves to believe our schools will remain enclaves of neutrality where the issue is not addressed. On the contrary, schools will undoubtedly be required to affirm such “marriages” in their health and family curriculum. Students who oppose such “marriages” on religious grounds will be labeled “intolerant” and forced to undergo “re-education” to help reform their “outdated” way of thinking to the new “normal.”