by Tom Shaheen

So much for a “citizens’ initiative” in Maryland. Big money – including some corporate giants and Hollywood types like Brad Pitt – funded the slick ads and efforts of the recent referendum campaign to REDEFINE MARRIAGE in the state of Maryland. As Tom Gray, a national anti-gambling leader, used to (wisely and accurately) say about casino campaigns: “It takes a lot more money to sell a lie than to tell the truth.”  Even with this loss for Maryland families and churches, our hats are off to our Maryland colleague Derek McCoy and his team for working tirelessly to try to preserve marriage as the union of husband and wife. All is not lost. We live to fight another day. In the end, Truth prevails.

News today says that “Marylanders for Marriage Equality,” the main group supporting Question 6, raised about $5.2 million, according to the report. They outraised – and outspent – the opponents by more than 2 to 1. See Baltimore Sun story.