(From Gary Bauer’s End of Day Report, 11/8/12)

Stockton Springs Community Church in Waldo County, Maine, was vandalized earlier this week because its pastor is an outspoken advocate of the biblical definition of marriage.

“Our congregation has taken a loving and respectful stand for traditional marriage in our community,” said Reverend Steve DeGrof, “but those who disagree want to silence and intimidate us. We can’t be apathetic, and can’t be bullied.”

“I was shocked and horrified when I arrived at the church [Tuesday morning] and saw swastikas painted all over our property. Clearly, those who want to redefine marriage also want to redefine tolerance,” added DeGrof.

Such despicable tactics are nothing new. Churches and businesses all over the country have been subjected to vandalism and protests simply for exercising their First Amendment rights. The “tyrants of tolerance” are incredibly intolerant when it comes to traditional values and religious liberty.

But the greater danger is the legal discrimination and intimidation that comes from major institutions and Big Government with the advance of the radical homosexual rights agenda. Just ask Dr. Angela McCaskill, or Dr. Frank Turek or Elaine Huguenin.

These are not isolated incidents. This is not hyperbole. In a report on the clash between gay rights and religious liberty, even NPR acknowledged, “same-sex couples are beginning to challenge policies of religious organizations … and so far, the religious groups are losing.” And that was four years ago.