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USAID/State Dept Announce More Funding for Contraception Around the World

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The Family Planning Summit spearheaded by Melinda Gates and held in London last July secured commitments of $4.6 billion for contraceptives for poor women. At the summit the U.S. State Dept announced a partnership with the Gates Foundation … Read more

Obama Admin Continues to Attack Religious Freedom

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A judge’s order will not stop the Obama administration from pressing forward in its quest to punish a Catholic family’s business for refusing to comply with the HHS mandate.

Hercules Industries, an HVAC business in Denver, won Read more

Promote Our New Online Voters’ Guide!

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We want to inform as many voters as possible with our 2012 Pennsylvania Voters’ Guide. You can help us spread the word! Promote the voters’ guide via Facebook and Twitter Encourage your candidates to respond to the survey, if… Read more

The presses are running tonight…

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The 2012 General Election Voter’s Guides are being printed tonight!

But, these guides are only good if YOU use them and get them into the hands of your church, your family, friends, neighbors, etc.

Order your bulk copies today! (suggested … Read more

Australia Votes Down Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Legalization

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Good news from Australia!

From National Organization for Marriage:

The House of Representatives has overwhelmingly voted against legislation that would have allowed same-sex couples to marry.

Just 42 MPs supported the private members bill put forward by Labor backbencher … Read more

Why California’s Three-Parent Law Was Inevitable

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by Tom Shaheen

The cultural and political and legal warning signs are all there. They have been for a decade. Citizens in 31 states – so far – have protected the legal definition of marriage by voting to approve constitutional … Read more

Another Christian Business Refuses to Comply with HHS Mandate

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The arts-and-crafts supply retailing giant Hobby Lobby joined dozens of other employers suing the Obama administration over a mandate forcing them to offer contraceptives and potential abortion-inducing drugs in employee insurance plans.

 … Read more

September is Voter Registration Month!

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Did you know that September is Voter Registration Month? No, it’s not an official designation, but perhaps it should be. After all, as Americans, we have the freedom and privilege to register to vote and then to educate ourselves on … Read more