Did you know that September is Voter Registration Month? No, it’s not an official designation, but perhaps it should be. After all, as Americans, we have the freedom and privilege to register to vote and then to educate ourselves on the candidates so we can vote to elect “those in authority” (see Romans 13) who share our values.

Given the tremendous stakes in the November 6th General Election, and the many issues that hang in the balance, voting has never been more crucial. You can’t vote if you’re not registered.

Now you might be registered, but are your friends, family and those in your church community? National surveys indicate that half of them might not be registered and less than half of those that are registered don’t bother to vote!

You can help change that!

And to help you do it, Pennsylvania Family Institute is sponsoring “September is Voter Registration Month.” Here’s how you can help make it a success:

1. Order your free Voter Registration Kit which includes everything you need to plan, promote and hold a nonpartisan voter registration drive in your church. Click here to order your free registration kit.

By the way, it is completely lawful for churches to hold voter registration drives like this. (See our publication “What Churches Can and Cannot Do at Election Time” ).

2. Schedule your Voter Registration Drive for one or more Sundays in September. We’ve chosen September because the deadline to turn in completed registration forms at your county is October 9th). Consult and confirm with your pastor or church leadership.

3. Place an advance order for our 2012 General Election Voter’s Guides. Also legal for distribution in churches, our guides will help educate and encourage folks to make sure to vote in the General Election on November 6th. Click here to order guides.

4. Help educate others. Why not consider doubling or tripling your past order to reach even more people? Think of it as a simple outreach to your church, other churches affiliated with your church or denomination, your friends or relatives in Pennsylvania? Tip: Make a quick list of familiar churches, offer to provide them with a supply of nonpartisan Voter’s Guides at no cost to them, tally your total, then place your advance order with us.

5. Contribute to help our pro-family work continue and grow. Click here to donate securely online.