Obama Leads Party to Defeat Gendercide Ban

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From Lifenews.com:

Democrats in the House of Representatives prevented passage of a bill that would ban sex-selection abortions. The legislation needed a two-thirds vote and Democrats voted overwhelmingly against the legislation after President Barack Obama and Planned Parenthood came out in opposition.

With a 246-168 vote, the bill did not obtain the two-thirds majority necessary to pass. Republicans voted for the bill on a 226-7 margin while Democrats opposed banning sex-selection abortions on 161-20 vote margin.

Pennsylvania currently bans sex-selection abortions. A recent survey showed that 77% of people support prohibiting abortion in cases where the sole reason for abortion is that the baby is female.

One Comment


“[President Obama] is far and away the most radical supporter of abortion ever to step in the White House. This audience needs no proof of that, from Obama forcing all taxpayers to fund abortion drugs (with no religious exemption), to fund Planned Parenthood, to fund embryonic research, and on and on. Even before all of that, this was a man who as U.S. senator had co-sponsored the Freedom of Choice Act, the most extreme piece of pro-abortion legislation ever in America; who in a 2007 speech to Planned Parenthood hailed America’s largest abortion provider as a “safety net”; and who as a state senator in Illinois repeatedly refused to provide mandatory health care for babies who somehow survived abortion procedures…

This is not to say that Obama is sitting in the Oval Office with a copy of the Communist Manifesto on his lap and a list of check items. Nonetheless, his decidedly radical/non-traditional far-left social positions contain some unusually surprising parallels to the farthest extreme of the left. In yet another disturbing similarity, our current president’s position just happens to coincide with the Marxist/communist position.”



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